G J DIX Hand Labeller

  • Electric OR battery operation
  • Ergonomically designed
  • User friendly, no finger or wrist action required
  • Veteran in marketplace
  • No gear box, direct drive
  • No moving parts to wear out

Soft Touch Pneumatic  Fruit  Label Applicator

Weight: 400 grams
connection to the pneumatic network through a non lubricated
regulation filter calibrated between 2.5 and 3 bar.
Working speed: from 150 to 200 labels per minute
ABS resistant plastic case

I can design and have your artwork within 24 hours in some cases in hours

Soft Touch Manual Labeller

• Convenient
• Up to 300 labels per min
• Variable sizing from 20mm – 50mm
• Soft touch operation eliminates any bruising
• Super light weight only 690 grams
• Can be used as electric


• Manual Hand Held
• Variable Label Sizes
• Designed For Small Runs
• Light Weight

Dix Electronic Hand Labeller 

Fruit labels are an important identification aid with often overlooked benefits. Apart form the obvious benefit to the retailer and consumer of ensuring the product is correctly identified and priced, they can be a valuable aid in promoting your produce as a trusted and high quality local offering.

The application of these labels can be via automatic labelling machines in larger packing sheds, or for lower volume facilities, by hand labellers. Pure manual hand labellers might appeal due to low initial cost; however an electronic hand labeller is a viable option for operations where the high capital outlay associated with purchasing and operation of a fully automated system are not warranted.

Benefits include higher productivity, and reduced risk of RSI type injuries associated with the repetitive squeezing of triggers on manual applicators. The effective payback on a unit like this can be as low as a few months, and in conjunction with a long service life; the initial outlay will be soon forgotten. A hidden benefit is improved employee morale as a result of lower fatigue which also translates into less damage to your produce.

Hand held batter label applicator all aluminum and servo motors